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Newburyport Youth Soccer Association

Newburyport Youth Soccer Association


Player Expectations

·      Players are expected to learn the rules for their age group games and play by these rules.

·      We are here to have fun, but not at the expense of other participant’s fun. Play hard, try your best!

·      Players are to show proper respect and sportsmanship to others involved in the game including other players, coaches, spectators and especially the officials.

·      Winning is not the most important part of soccer in the Newburyport Youth Soccer league. Being the best you can be is!

·      Do your best always, so you do not let the others of your team down and so your opponents enjoy the best you can give as well.

·      Showing up on time consistently with proper equipment to games and especially practices shows you care about the well being of your team.

·      Come prepared to play, with a good attitude, water bottle, shin pads and clothing suited to weather conditions and rules of the game.

·      If you have a concern with a referee, voice it through the coach and if it is with a coach, discuss it privately after a game or practice or at some other mutually convenient time in a positive, calm manner.

·      Soccer is an excellent activity for promoting fitness and building up a sweat is normal and good for you.

·      Team sports provide excellent opportunities to make friends, encourage the building of good character and provide an outlet for excess energy.

·      No one player makes the difference between winning and losing.


Parent / Spectactor Expectations

·      All spectators are expected to know the basic rules and expectations for children of the age group they are watching. (see age group expectations) A good idea is to spend a little time getting familiar with the game by reading, watching soccer or using the internet.

·      All participants are here to have fun, including spectators by enjoying their child’s successes on the field. Be positive and supportive to all participants.

·      Show support for your child’s team by volunteering for duties and responsibilities associated with the game.

·      This is not a babysitting service. Parent are expected to attend practices and games, especially at the U4, U6, and U8 levels. Remember, everyone working with your child is a volunteer. Show respect for their efforts and so will your child.

·      Be on time for games and practices with the proper equipment. This shows appreciation for the time and efforts of the coach.

·      Be willing to get actively involved in the practices and games if the coach provides the opportunity.

·      It sure doesn’t hurt your relationship with your child to practice a little extra during the week.

·      Sportsmanship is taught by example. Your children learn this from you, the most significant individual in their lives.

·      Also by example, you the parent, show what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and to be active.

·      Communication of an idea or concern is necessary at times, so be constructive and respectful and encourage your child to approach the coach if they are having difficulties.

·      Try to focus on what is being done well and not yelling about mistakes of other participants, coaches, or officials.

·      Let the coach, coach! Yelling instructions, even if meant well, can confuse and frustrate players.

·      Avoid public conflicts. More can be accomplished by communicating to the coach and through the coach to the referee. Other parents and spectators are there to enjoy the game as well without unnecessary stress.


Newburyport Youth Soccer Association

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