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For U12 and U14 Travel Teams

  1. Go to https://ecysa.org/ECYSA/full-schedule.

  2. Filter by your player's team name.


For U6, U8, and U10 In-Town Teams

  1. Select "Choose a Teamlocated under the "Team Information" Tab at the top of the site.

  2. Select your player's "League" (e.g., U10 Boys) and your player's "Team" from the drop down boxes.

  3. Click on the "Schedule" on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the page under "CHOOSE A TEAM".


Please note that you may experience difficulty with gaining access to the "Roster" section of the site if you are purging cookies from your computer.  So we please ask that you check this feature on your computer first should yon have problems prior to emailing us.