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Mission Statement
Newburyport Youth Soccer Association (NYSA) is a non-profit athletic community whose mission is to enrich the physical and mental lives of kids through the sport of soccer. 
“Enriching kids lives through the sport of soccer”
NYSA acknowledges its responsibility to provide the children of our community the opportunity to play and enjoy the game of soccer. Our priorities in meeting this objective will be to ensure that they be allowed to:
Have fun
·         By meeting new friends who enjoy similar interests
·         By enjoying a release from the pressures of school and homework
·         By developing their skills and understanding of the game
·         By developing the means of relating to others
·         By exhibiting good sportsmanship, win or lose
·         By learning to be a dependable member of a team
If players have fun, they will return
If players return, they will learn
If they learn, they will have the skills to compete
If they compete to the best of their abilities they will have fun
It begins and ends with fun.