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New To NYSA?

Below you will find some general information that will help introduce you to NYSA, and get you and your child ready for their first game. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Uniforms (shirt and socks) can be purchased at Motivate Team Sales and Custom Apparel. These uniforms are designed to last through several seasons if care is taken.

Please leave the parking lot promptly after your child's game to make room for the next round of vehicles.  We stagger age group start times to help with the congestion.

  • Fill the FRONT LOT first
  • Fill the BACK LOT second
  • Fill the SIDE SPACES toward the back exit last
  • OVERFLOW – park across the street at Kindercare
  • Exit Promptly so we can get the next session rolling

Games are generally played at two main facilities.  Cherry Hill and Cashman Park

No snacks, please.  We have a number of allergy issues and we want to make sure that all children have a safe playing experience.

All sun block and bug spray must be applied by parents, not coaches.

Children with long hair will need a way to keep it out of their eyes during the game.

Please make sure your child(ren) bring a water bottle to the game.

Encouraging words only!  Please let the coaches do their jobs.

Please take all your trash with you or dispose of it properly in the designated trash barrels near the kiosk at the edge of the field.

HAVE FUN!!! These years go by quickly, so please enjoy them.