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Who is eligible?

  • Tots (U3/U4): 3-4 years old by September 1.

  • Tots (U4/U5): 4-5 years old by September 1.

  • U6: entering or attending Kindergarten.

  • U8: entering or attending 1st or 2nd grade.

  • U10: entering or attending 3rd or 4th.

  • U12: entering or attending 5th or 6th grade + Newburyport resident OR attends school in Newburyport OR has a written release from the youth program in their town of residence.

  • U14: entering or attending 7th or 8th grade + Newburyport resident OR attends school in Newburyport OR has a written release from the youth program in their town of residence.


Out of Town Players

See our out of town player policy for information.


Playing down

Players do not typically play in divisions below their age/grade level. There are occassional exceptions, which need approval from NYSA. Please contact our registration director, appropriate level coordinator, or travel director here


Playing up

NYSA highly encourages all players to play at their appropriate age level. In rare situations, players will be allowed to "play up" but this is extremely uncommon and requires players to complete the process outlined in the playing up policy. For U12 and U14 travel leagues, ECYSA has final approval rights for requests.

When considering the "play up" possibility, please keep the following in mind:

  • Safety is our #1 concern. Players will not be considered if they would be put in an unsafe situation. While wrestling with older larger siblings might be safe, playing a competitive sport with strangers several years older than a player is not the same.

  • Playing up requires a player to be phsyically, mentally, and emotionally mature. They will potentially be playing with and against physically superior players on a larger field with a larger ball and at a level that is more intense. They also could be practicing more times each week and for longer periods of time. Players must be able to handle all, not just some of this.

  • Being a standout at a player's appropriate level builds confidence for the player. They may not achieve this if they play up.

  • Playing up does not mean the player will play on the most advanced team on the level they are playing up to (for tiered levels only). They will be subject to the same placement procedures as all players.

  • Players that play up one season are not guaranteed to be allowed to play up in the future as players grow, change and progress at varying rates.

  • Reasons players might play up:

    • ​Their size or physical ability is creating an unsafe situation at their current level.

    • They are dominating at their current level. Dominating can be defined as controlling the ball for over 50% of each game or scoring 75% of their team's goals.

    • The player is age and physically appropriate for the level above.

    • Numbers are low in the level above.

  • ​Invalid reasons:

    • ​Coach requests.

    • The player desires to play with friends or siblings.

    • The player has played up in the past.

    • The player wants to play with "better" players to help them improve.


Special Circumstances

We realize there are special circumstances that are not outlined above and we will do our best to accomodate all players and families. Please contact our registration director, appropriate level coordinator, or travel director here.