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General Informaiton:

  • Covid Coordinator - Select one coach per team to be take attendance at every single practice and game for their team (not parents). For U10 games, please include the referee. You can keep a notebook in your ball bag, a note on your phone, whatever works best for you. This is for contact tracing purposes and must be done accurately. 
  • Symptom Check- All players, coaches, and referees must conduct daily symptom assessments (self-evaluation) on their participant(s). Anyone that is experiencing symptoms, a temperature of 100.3 or above, or has come into contact with someone who is sick must stay home.
  • Masks - Coaches, refs, parents- masks up all the time. Players need to try to keep them on as much as possible except for goalies who do not need to wear them. If defenders are at one end spread apart or your forwards are hanging solo at half field, they can pull down. If engaged in aerobic and anaerobic activity, masks can come down. This includes a spread out lap around the field to warm up. Otherwise, masks up. The kids will need to get acclimated, but they WILL get used to it. Make sure you give extra masks breaks at the start of the season and then try to make the Mask On times longer over time. As a reminder, here is the guidance with highlighted words from Mass Youth Soccer: Soccer players SHOULD have facial coverings with them at all times, and where possible play with the facial covering on, removing it for long runs down the field, for plays without close contact, and in the goal.
  • Sanitizer - spray bottle should be in a zip lock bag in your equipment bag at all times. This is for sanitizing balls, goal posts, and hands of players who forgot theirs. There is sanitizer in the portable toilet that will be cleaned more frequently this season. I will put a bottle on my porch with a funnel every saturday morning for those who need refills. When the weather gets cooler, I will leave it in the deck boxes at the fields. 


Practice Information:

  • Practice Arrival and Dismissal- Drop off and pick up for U6 and U8 will be at the circle. Drop off and pick up for U10 and U14 will be at the end of the pathway behind the U14 goal. U10 coaches, please consider walking your team down the pathway together. U12 pick up and drop off at Cashman- please spread out when entering and exiting. Use the low fences on all sides rather than all coming and going between that one opening. 
  • Distanced practices - practices should be as distanced as possible. Avoid contact drills during practices as much as you can. MYSA has dozens of practice plans separated by age group on their website that are all distanced. I strongly encourage you to review these and get some ideas. 
  • Cones - do not have players collect cones for you. Only coaches should touch the cones. 


Game Information:

  • Coaches at games - Please rotate between 2 coaches whenever possible for games. We have included only 2 coaches in our max capacity count for the field. If you have behavioral needs on your team that make 3 coaches critical, please let us know. 

  • Uniforms - Home teams wear maroon jersey, away teams wear white/grey jersey for U6, U8, U10 or a white shirt for U12 and U14.

  • Game Time Arrival - Arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before each game.

  • Balls out of play - Teach parents and players not to touch the ball with their hands especially during games. When the ball goes out of play, players and parents need to use their feet to bring it back to the field. If the ball is touched with the hands, that ball needs to go out of play and a clean "at the ready" ball on the sideline needs to be KICKED back to the ref or player. Then sanitize the one that was touched by spritzing with the spray and allowing to dry, and then get it back "in line." Parents will also instinctively stop balls with their feet and then throw it back in. They will need reminders too. If we only use our feet, the game re-starts faster. U10, U12, and U14 refs WILL make you switch balls. So have them ready and USE YOUR FEET. 

  • Goalie gloves and pinnys - Both are included in your bags, but are discouraged from being used. If a player is a dedicated goalie, then they can use gloves. We don't want them traded around during a game or practice. Pinnys should not be used. If you do use them, it is the coaches responsibility to take them home and wash them. Have players keep a white shirt in their soccer bags for practices and games.  If you have two goalies per game and would like a second set of gloves, please ask your coordinator.

  • No Touch Rule - There will be no high fives, handshake lines, and other physical contact with teammates, opposing players, coaches, officials, and fans. A “round of applause” or a cheer at the end of the game is perfect.

  • U12 and U14 boys and girls: please print a couple of copies of your rosters and keep them in your equipment bag or with your lanyard. With the exception of U14 boys, our games will be refereed by certified refs from the ECYSA league. You will need to have your lanyard showing and you will need to present a paper roster at every game. The roster is for the purpose of reporting injuries or red/yellow cards and must be presented. 

  • Sideline masks - subsitutue players waiting on the sideline must have their masks on. 


Game Rule Modifications:

A full list of covid-19 related rule modifications can be found here: MYSA Rules Modifications

  • No heading.

  • A player is allowed to make intermittent and/or unintentional contact with opposing team members if the player is attempting to make foot to ball contact (legal tackle) and the contact occurs as a result of the tackle.No slide tackling.

  • No throw ins. Kick ins only.

  • No traditional corner kicks. Corner kicks are now an indirect free kick from the corner area.

  • No defensive walls.

  • No drop balls.