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Soccer is an all-weather sport. League games will be played in most weather conditions (rain, snow flurries, etc.). However, NYSA administration certainly takes into consideration the safety of all its players and will always cancel games for a thunder and/or lightning storm. Additionally, there are other cases where the fields may not be suitable for play due to prolonged wet weather.


To help assist parents and players, league administration will make a decision on game day whether to conduct or cancel games. If you are not notified, the event is on. Also, please be aware that if coaches see lightning or hear thunder, they must end practice immediately so your child’s practice could end early on stormy days.


For practice you must wait 30 minutes after seeing lightning or hearing thunder before returning to the soccer field. Please use the moto "If you can see it, flee it. If you can hear it, fear it." You must end practice immediately when you see lightning or hear thunder.