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Newburyport Youth Soccer Association

NYSA is a non-profit athletic community with a longstanding presence in Newburyport, MA and surrounding towns. Founded in 1980, NYSA has provided thousands of young athletes the opportunity to play and enjoy the game of soccer. NYSA’s mission is to foster the five core values in our players and families: 


Love of Sport

Lifelong Athletes

Character Development




Our all-volunteer board members and coaches are committed to supporting our youth in becoming thoughtful, respectful, healthy, competitive, and committed individuals with a strong sense of self, as well as community. We hope our players will apply these social and physical skills not only on the soccer field, but in any of their life-long endeavors of sports, academics, and personal development.

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New Uniforms for Fall 2020
Please visit our uniform page for information on ordering your new...
Coach and Volunteer Registration Required
We welcome all types of coaches and volunteers- from team coaches,...
Fall Registration Is Open
It is exciting to be thinking about seeing our players...
New Uniforms for Fall 2020

Please visit our uniform page for information on ordering your new uniform. All uniforms are new for the Fall 2020 season.

Uniform Info

by posted 07/23/2020
Coach and Volunteer Registration Required

We welcome all types of coaches and volunteers- from team coaches, team assistant coaches, board members, and one-time task helpers. We will be offering online coaching courses with reimbursement, weekly session plans provided by Mass Youth Soccer, and a one time in person coach training at the start of the season with NHS varsity coaches. All coaches and board members working with players in U6 and above must complete a few steps before being given their credential to be on the field. Questions regarding Adult Registration should be directed to our Risk Manager, Alyssa Scituo at as92282@yahoo.com

For more detailed step by step instructions particularly for our Travel Coaches in U12 and U14, please visit the Coaches Tab on the home page --> Adult Registration where every step is outlined in detail. This will be most helpful when updating or completing Concussion Training and SafeSport. 


1. Register on this website. Register Online --> Fall 2020 Volunteer A CORI is not necessary as you will never be alone with these players because parents stay on site. 

IN TOWN U6, U8, U10

1. Register on the NYSA website. Register Online --> Fall 2020 Volunteer

2. Complete Adult Registration with Mass Youth Soccer EVERY YEAR which includes color photo upload and completion of one form which initiates a CORI and background check. An in person, socially distanced verification will be conducted as the season approaches. The website for adult registration is below. Remember your login credentials as you may need to check the status of your CORI or print your form for verificaiton. 


Travel U12, U14

1. Register on the NYSA website. Register Online --> Fall 2020 Volunteer

2. Complete Adult Registration with Mass Youth Soccer EVERY YEAR which includes color photo upload and completion of one form which initiates a CORI and background check. An in person, socially distanced verification will be conducted as the season approaches. The website for adult registration is below. 


3. Log into the member portal using the same Adult Registration credentials, but on a different website below, to check the status of and complete the CDC Head's Up Concussion Training (30 minutes online every 2 years, must be valid until the end of the soccer year- June 30th) and SafeSport Abuse Training (90 minutes online one time only, 15 minute refresher course every year thereafter).  The member portal website is below. Use the same credentials you used for adult registration in step 2 but on this website: 


by posted 07/11/2020
Fall Registration Is Open

It is exciting to be thinking about seeing our players on the fields in a few months! The NYSA board is planning for a more or less typical Fall 2020 season as Massachusetts will hopefully be in a solid Phase 3 by that time. Please do not delay in registering. We still have strict summer deadlines particularly for our U12 and U14 divisions (grades 5-8) that we must adhere to.  Creating teams and schedules for all levels in the Fall is going to be complicated at best, and we will need the extra time before the season starts. When we have the best possible idea of how many players we have in each division early on, it makes our process much smoother. So please, register early!


If your child is incorrectly noted as “ineligible” to register for his or particular age group/division: Due to a systemic glitch, dozens of players were listed with the incorrect grade in the past two seasons. We hopefully have resolved this issue. However, if your child comes up as ineligible for the correct division for his or her grade, please email me at  . You are not able to change your child’s grade yourself. I will be checking my email daily and correcting grades as needed. Please try and register your child the following day after notifying me. 


Update your family member’s email addresses: Please log into your NYSA account at www.newburyportsoccer.com and click My Account. Use your cursor to click on a family member, update the email address if needed, and click submit. Repeat this process until you have clicked on each guardian and each player to update the associated email address to the one that is most often used and easily accessed. 


COVID-19 and Fall 2020 Season: If Mass Youth Soccer, Essex County Youth Soccer, or Newburyport Youth Soccer cancels the Fall 2020 season, 100% refunds will be offered. If the season goes off as planned and you do not feel comfortable having your player participate, you will receive a 100% refund if you make the request **before teams are released at the end of August**. Hence, there is no risk in registering next week when the system opens. 


Return to Play Guidelines: NYSA will be following the thorough and extensive guidelines set forth by Mass Youth Soccer. I have sat in on countless hours of meetings with MYSA and ECYSA and I can assure you that they have considered all aspects of the safety of players, coaches, and spectators. Right now the guidelines created are for Phase 2. NYSA does not plan on returning to any soccer activities until the Fall 2020 season which will hopefully be in Phase 3. I will link the Phase 2 guidelines here and will update the NYSA home page when the Phase 3 guidelines are released. Keep in mind that our local Department of Public Health supersedes all guidelines set forth by MYSA and could have tighter or looser restrictions than the state based on covid statistics in our area. 




**New Uniforms for U6 and above**

NYSA has partnered with soccer.com, the largest soccer specialty retailer in the world, to offer custom uniforms, gear, and more to our players, coaches, and families. All uniforms have been completely re-designed and upgraded. All new uniforms are made by soccer powerhouse, Adidas! You will order uniforms online at soccer.com (look for an email after you register for the fall season) through an NYSA specific store. You can also buy NYSA t-shirts, hoodies, training pants, backpacks, and much more. All NYSA families will be set up with a soccer.com account where they can earn rewards points that can be applied to future purchases. Get ready to order your holiday and birthday NYSA spirit wear gifts early, as well as anything from cleats, a new ball, or anything else from the site, when you order your uniform- this will help you reach free shipping, too! Items will be shipped directly to you, convenient and hassle-free. See below for more details on your player’s age group. 


1. Tots: your player will receive a tee shirt at no cost.

2. In-Town U6, U8, U10: We have redesigned the uniform for these age groups. The in-town uniforms include two different higher quality athletic jerseys- one home and one away- for ~$31 (compared to $35 for the old reversible jersey). Optional NYSA shorts ($12) and socks ($6.50) will be available, but are not required. Your player also gets to pick their own jersey number. Your reversible jersey can still be used for one year- the maroon side used for "home" will be consistent with the new shirt and a pinny will be given to match the "away" jersey if you do not purchase the pair this year. Families with players heading into 4th grade in the Fall- please keep in mind that you MUST purchase a new *travel* uniform kit for 5th grade, so if you would like to get one more year out of your reversible jersey, please do. Information on ordering will be forthcoming. 

3. Travel U12 and U14: We have redesigned and dramatically upgraded the entire travel kit. We will have online ordering of socks, shorts (mens and womens cuts), and a custom jersey for each player with their last name on the back. Kits will be shipped directly to you. ALL PLAYERS IN GRADES 5-8 ARE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THIS NEW KIT. Cost will be ~$64 (compared to $70 for the old uniforms) and will be used for two years. For our rising 8th graders, we are discussing a potential buy back option of your new kits at a discounted price at the end of Spring 2021. The board has also agreed to offer a one time multi-player family discount of $30 for families with two or more players in the travel league (grades 5-8). When you register your players, the $30 discount will be applied automatically at the end. Information on ordering will be forthcoming. 


Travel Team Try Outs: Player evaluations for placement onto a similarly skilled travel team are still TBD. It is possible that we may invite small groups of players to the field at the end of July, with our incoming 5th graders being given priority. If there are no try outs, players will be placed onto teams based on coaches evaluations and discussions between coaches and the travel directors. It is highly likely that some players will be placed on teams and then transferred to a more appropriately skilled team in the first week or two of the season. ECYSA has historically been very strict with transfers but are giving this flexibility to all programs as we will most likely not be hosting our typical try outs before teams are due in their system. 


VolunteersWe have several new faces on the NYSA board and we are looking for folks who might be willing to step up into open age group coordinator positions (U6 boys, U6 girls), some new administrative roles, and simple support with isolated, one-time tasks. If you have a player registering for the U6 division and are interested in volunteering to be the age group coordinator, please contact Chris Carney at   . For all others interested in the volunteering, visit this page to learn more about open positions.




Social Media: Please continue to pop over to our new and improved website that we have been working hard to get up to date, including our new logo, return to soccer guidelines, coaches corner, and other updated policies: www.newburyportsoccer.com 


And follow us on instagram and facebook for the latest news and announcements! 


Insta: @newburyportsoccer

FB: https://www.facebook.com/newburyportsoccer

by posted 06/22/2020

All games except Tots are played on Saturdays. The FALL 2020 Schedule is TBD:

U12, U14 - September 12, 2020

U6, U8, U10 - September 12, 2020

Tots - week of September 21,2020


Tots players DO NOT play games on Saturdays. Tots players may only attend the day of the clinic for which they have been registered. The FALL 2020 Tots schedule is TBD.