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Helpful details for the season
by posted 09/01/2021

Practices: Wednesday 5-6 pm, Cherry Hill

Clinics Friday: There will be a Seacoast Clinic offered for U10 on Fridays 5-6 for 4 weeks - more to come on that front. Highly recommended. 

Uniforms: Maroon is the "home" jersey and Grey is the "away" jersey. If your jersey kit will not be here in time- no problem! Just wear a maroon/dark shirt or a white/grey shirt for your games. Shorts and soccer socks can be whatever your kiddo wants to wear. No requirements.

Rules for U10: 

  1. Games are two 25 minute halves with a ~5-10 minute halftime 

  2. Shin guards are mandatory

  3. Only soccer cleats allowed - no baseball or football cleats or sneakers

  4. Size 4 ball

  5. Slide tackling is not allowed

  6. Field Format is 7v7 format (6 + 1 goalkeeper)

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